For the benefit of its customers, DELTA sets highest standards of quality assurance and quality management for all its projects.

Text quality acts as a calling card: compromising here creates a poor impression and makes businesses appear unprofessional. In order to present our customers in the best possible light, we at DELTA bring our extensive experience in all matters of quality to bear. Our expertise comprises in particular the two fields of
• Quality management and
• Quality assurance.

Great quality is good for business

Be it websites, technical documentation, promotional materials, brochures or corporate reports – when it comes to quality assurance, DELTA observes the applicable standards for each language as well as any customer-specific requirements. From the specifications set out by the certification agency through a bundle of high-quality technical tools to the native speaker principle, we use a reliable toolset for our customer projects that comprehensively and consistently meets all quality standards and enables us to deliver high-quality results for our customers that positively impact their market presence.

“DELTA’s highest priority is quality: translation quality, customer service quality, the skills of our staff and vendors.”

delta ISO 17100 18587
Certification acc. to ISO 17100:2015

The perfect combination:
industry experts and skilled use of IT

Constantly investing in qualified staff and the latest technologies allows us to offer our customers individual, demand-oriented and efficient solutions. We provide these by using a package of reliable translation memory systems that are established across the industry and enable translators to work consistently and productively.

If your goal is to conquer markets abroad and set yourself apart from your competitors through outstanding quality, we are here to support you.

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