DELTA is your competent partner for localising software, websites and video and ensuring successful international communication.

In addition to all the relevant facts about their product, businesses aiming to sell on the international market would be well advised to include their target group in their communications. To help them do so as effectively as possible, DELTA has established a comprehensive portfolio in the Localisation segment. We assist our customers in linguistically and culturally adapting their texts to the local circumstances, the region and the language of the potential buyers and users of their solutions.

Localisation comprises more than just translation

The basic idea behind localisation is to present the respective product as if it had been developed in the target country and specifically for the market there. This goes beyond purely linguistic considerations and also requires significant cultural skills.

Software localisation

Software localisation

Software localisation – DELTA is your partner for transferring programs and applications to other languages
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Website localisation

Website localisation

Website localisation – DELTA brings your international online presence to life
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Video localisation

Video localisation

Video localisation – DELTA gives your moving images the necessary drive – across languages
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When our customers commission us to localise a product, we support them from the very start with a competent team of project managers and an international network of experts on the language and culture of the target country. Our processes are designed to combine precise communication with cost-effective and time-efficient procedures.

At every point from accepting an order through customer briefings and consulting to delivering the completed localisation project, our focus is on uncompromising quality. To make sure our projects are primed for success from the start, it has always been very important to us to communicate closely with our customers regarding their requirements and goals – no matter whether we are localising software, a website or video content.

A reliable partner for the localisation of all media and formats

If you need a partner who combines outstanding quality with consulting expertise to assist you in localising your content, DELTA has the right solution for you.

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